My dishwasher isn’t cleaning my dishes?

Check your spray arms and filters to make sure there not clogged up. If problem persists you may need to arrange a visit from an engineer.

My dishwasher is leaking?

There could be lots of reasons why your machine is leaking, check as above, make sure the door is closing properly, sometimes it can even be the way something is placed in a dishwasher, try it empty if it still leaks our advice would be to turn it off and have an engineer take a look at it.

No water seems to be going into my Dishwasher/Washing machine?

Have you had any building or plumbing work done recently? If you have make sure they have not accidentally turned of the water supply to the appliance. Make sure the power is turned on at the plug, with a washing machine make sure the door is shut and locked, if all the above looks ok its time to call the professionals.