My fridge freezer isn’t making a noise at the back but the lights are in inside?

Is the temperature inside both units ok? If you are not sure put a thermometer inside and close the door for about 20-30 min’s the fridge should read between 0 - 5 dc and the freezer between minus 18 - 20o if they do not there could be a few reasons for this but none are recommended for diy and an engineer visit will be required.

There is a large amount of ice inside my fridge?

Firstly make sure that the thermostat dial has not been turned up by accident. The dial can work one of two ways – (assuming numbers are 1-5) 1 = coldest 5 = warmest or 1 = warmest & 5 = coldest this is the more common version, the dial should be set to around 2-3 if the dial needs adjusting, it takes at least 12 hours for it to take effect. Note: turn the unit off leave the door open for about 20 mins and knock the ice off. Once you have done this listen to the fridge if it seems to run constantly over a few hours you will need to call an engineer.

My food in my freezer isn’t frozen but the freezer is cold?

This tends to happen with frost free appliances, the internal thermisters break down and cause the freezer to freeze up and the fridge gets its cool from an internal duct from the freezer, if the freezer fan is iced stuck or the duct is blocked with ice it will not let/send the cool to the fridge, there are other reason (so many with frost free) but again nothing I can advise for diy other than to arrange an engineer visit.