My washing machine won’t drain?

Some machines have user serviceable filters; please refer to your user manual. If the pump filter is clear you will need to arrange a engineer visit to have you’re machine looked at.

My washing machine will not spin?

There could be a few reasons for this – Firstly try to re-set the programme and try again, some machines have balance sensors, if the machine detects an uneven load it will not spin. It may be the carbon brushes in the motor need replacing. This is something you can do your self but it is not recommended as if not done correctly you can cause severe damage to the electrics of the machine.

My washing machine is making loud banging noises on the spin cycle?

Again there can be a few reasons for this – Check the pump filter for obvious blockages, make sure the load is even and not over loaded (a full load should be no more than ½ - ¾ capacity “dry”) there may something (a small item of clothing like a sock)  stuck in between the inner and outer drums. Another reason could be that the bearings in your machine could have collapsed “has the machine been noisy recently?” this can be repaired, again not recommended for diy please call for costing.

My washing machine is leaking?

There could be lots of reasons why your machine is leaking our advice would be to turn the machine off and isolate the water supply and call an engineer take a look at it.